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Wallace Berman in Conversation…

“I spent the first 21 years of my life with Wallace, and when he died, his voice disappeared as well.”—Tosh Berman

ISBN: 978-0-9850044-6-0
Spoken word, art, literature | Vinyl LP | 55 m 55 s.
Co-published with Derringer Books

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In 1968, as part of the research Hal Glicksman was conducting for his exhibition Assemblage in California, Glicksman snuck a tape recorder into the Topanga Canyon family home of Wallace Berman. Present at the time were Wallace and Shirley Berman and their young son, Tosh, also Jack and Ruth Hirschman and their son.

Hal Glicksman’s previously unknown and unpublished recording is released here for the first time as an LP, mastered from the original tape, with a newly written accompanying text by Tosh Berman.

Beyond the small number of photographs produced by Wallace Berman from this time, there has been no primary document that offers the insight now available with the release of this LP. Wallace Berman can be heard discussing his work, art and literature with Shirley Berman, Hal Glicksman, Jack and Ruth Hirschman, offering an incomparable glimpse into their world in Topanga Canyon in 1968.